Jamie Garroch

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Jamie Garroch

Jamie Garroch, CEO of GMARK Ltd., founded the company in 2009 to provide presentation professionals with PowerPoint software, content and training. Jamie conceived the idea for the company’s first product, ActivePrez from a non-linear presenting need and has recently added several other add-in products; MapPrez, SwiftPrez, Circlify and interactive maps.

Here’s a list of links on Indezine.com where he has been featured:

January 2nd 2014 — Convert Text to Outlines in PowerPoint 2013 with a Free Add-in

September 30th 2013 — Color Swatch for PowerPoint 2003: Conversation with Jamie Garroch

January 10th 2013 — vMaps’ Auto Color Feature: Conversation with Jamie Garroch

August 17th 2012 — PowerPoint 2013 for Developers: Conversation with Jamie Garroch

December 14th 2011 — Slide Linker: Conversation with Jamie Garroch

August 15th, 2011 – Circlify: Conversation with Jamie Garroch

August 5th 2011 — PowerPoint, a Graphics Program?: Conversation with Jamie Garroch

> February 9th 2011 — Presenting on an iPad: Conversation with Jamie Garroch

January 28th 2011 — PowerPoint on iPad

September 3rd 2010 — Building an Interactive Public Transport Map Application in PowerPoint

July 23rd 2010 — ActivePresentation™ Designer: Conversation with Jamie Garroch

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