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Most of the time, you may work on a single slide in your PowerPoint presentation, but there are times when you want to copy, duplicate, reorder, or even delete a bunch of slides. It’s in scenarios like these that you will encounter PowerPoint’s Slide Sorter view. Although Slide Sorter view does not let you edit individual slide objects, it does let you work with the whole slide itself. Any edits made will influence one or more slides, depending on your selection.

To learn more, choose your version of PowerPoint:

Microsoft Windows:

Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint 2016

Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint 2013

Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint 2010

Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint 2007

Apple Mac:

Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint 2016

Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint 2011

Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint

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