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Have you ended up with a presentation that has linked files, embedded media clips, and so much more? And now you have been asked to copy the entire presentation and all linked files to a CD? Burn a CD in these times? How ancient is that? Let’s rephrase that question: have you ever been asked to copy all the content for a presentation to a folder, a network location, or a USB drive? PowerPoint provides the Package Presentation for CD option that can do this task for you, with just a click or two. Don’t go by the CD mentioned in this feature name, because you can use this option to burn both data CDs and DVDs and also copy all content to a new folder.

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Microsoft Windows:

Package a Presentation to a CD or Folder in PowerPoint 2016

Package a Presentation to a CD or Folder in PowerPoint 2013

Package a Presentation to a CD or Folder in PowerPoint 2010

Package a Presentation to a CD or Folder

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