Interface and Basics: Creating PowerPoint Outlines

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When you start creating a new presentation, many users just launch PowerPoint and start creating their slides. Actually, there are three common ways in which you can create slides. Yet, the best way to start creating presentation slides is not from within PowerPoint but by creating an outline in another program. Many purists say that you should not even launch PowerPoint until you have an outline in place.

So which program can you use to create an outline? Here are some options:

Microsoft Windows:

PowerPoint Outlines in Word 2016

PowerPoint Outlines in Word 2013

PowerPoint Outlines in Word 2010

PowerPoint Outlines in Word 2007

PowerPoint Outlines in Word 2003

PowerPoint Outlines in Notepad

PowerPoint Outlines in Excel

Apple Mac:

PowerPoint Outlines in Word 2011

PowerPoint Outlines in Word 2008

PowerPoint Outlines in TextEdit

PowerPoint Outline

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