Markus Hannebauer

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Markus Hannebauer
Markus Hannebauer is co-founder and CEO of think-cell, where he is in charge of Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance. He is a Computer Scientist by training and holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Technical University Berlin.

Here’s a list of links on where he has been featured:

Exploring think-cell version 11Exploring think-cell version 11
March 19, 2021

think-cell 10: Now works on Office for Macthink-cell 10: Now works on Office for Mac
June 3, 2019

think-cell version 9: Conversation with Markus Hannebauerthink-cell version 9: Conversation with Markus Hannebauer
July 6, 2018

think-cell: Conversation with Markus Hannebauerthink-cell: Conversation with Markus Hannebauer
December 22, 2009

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