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Kevin Lerner
Kevin Lerner is an experienced presentation designer and PowerPoint expert, trainer/speaker, and communications strategist. Since founding The Presentation Team in the 1990’s, Kevin has developed thousands of presentations for clients including Motorola, Comcast Cable, Office Depot, Citrix, Oracle, Johnson & Johnson, NASA, the U.S. Army, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), as well as numerous smaller companies, professional speakers, and individuals.

Here’s a list of links on where he has been featured:

Presentation Procrastinators: 04Presentation Procrastinators: 04
November 18, 2019


Presentation Procrastinators: 03Presentation Procrastinators: 03
August 16, 2019


Presentation Procrastinators: 02Presentation Procrastinators: 02
June 24, 2019


Presentation Procrastinators: 01Presentation Procrastinators: 01
May 22, 2019


Speaking about Speaking: Toastmasters InternationalSpeaking about Speaking: Toastmasters International – by Kevin Lerner
January 11, 2012


Five Uses for One SpeechFive Uses for One Speech: Guest Post by Kevin Lerner
October 24, 2011


Pause Power — A Verbal Tool Like No Other: Guest Post by Kevin LernerPause Power — A Verbal Tool Like No Other: Guest Post by Kevin Lerner
August 12, 2011


7 Key Tips to Using PowerPoint7 Key Tips to Using PowerPoint
February 22, 2006


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