Interface and Basics: Locate PowerPoint, Where is it?

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Are you unable to locate PowerPoint on your computer? Sometimes, such a question can be embarrassing! However, look at support forums and you will find that is a valid issue. Many users may work in an environment where they get a computer with their office programs pre-installed. Or in other cases, there may be more than one version of PowerPoint on your computer; maybe an older version in addition to a new version? Yes, we know that this can happen, although it does sound a little strange. However, there are perfectly valid excuses for you to be unable to find PowerPoint in such cases. In the following tutorials, learn how to find a PowerPoint instance on your computer.

For more details, choose your version of PowerPoint:

Microsoft Windows:

Locate PowerPoint 2016

Locate PowerPoint 2013

Locate PowerPoint 2010

Locate PowerPoint 2007

Apple Mac OS:

Locate PowerPoint 2016

Locate PowerPoint 2011

Locate PowerPoint


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