Interface and Basics: Slides Pane in PowerPoint

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PowerPoint work area below the Ribbon continues to be tri-paned. These three panes comprise the Slides Pane, the Slide Area, and the Notes Pane. The Slides Pane is the thin strip on the left side of the PowerPoint interface that contains thumbnails of all your slides. Within Normal view, the Slide Pane allows you to move slides easily from one position to the other just by dragging and dropping.

To learn more, choose your version of PowerPoint:

Microsoft Windows:

Slides Pane in PowerPoint 2016

Slides Pane in PowerPoint 2013

Slides and Outline Pane in PowerPoint 2010

Slides and Outline Pane in PowerPoint 2007

Slides and Outline Pane in PowerPoint 2003

Apple Mac:

Slides Pane in PowerPoint 2016

Slides and Outline Pane in PowerPoint 2011

Slides Pane in PowerPoint




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