Audio: Sound Across Slides in PowerPoint

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Learn how you can add background music to PowerPoint so that the sound clip plays seamlessly across successive slides.

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After inserting an audio file, such as a background music file within your PowerPoint presentation, do you want to play this sound track across slides without any interruption when you move from one slide to another? Firstly, if a live speaker is spearheading the presentation, then you don’t want to add a sound that spans across slides. Why? Because then the sound will distract the audience, and also the speaker. However, if you are showing a sequence of slides that includes pictures and no live presenter is required to speak to the audience, then adding a sound across slides may be a great idea. Even then, a soothing background music score playing across your presentation slides can be a good fit. Stay away from loud or jarring tracks.

To learn more, choose your version of PowerPoint:

Microsoft Windows:

Sound Across Slides in all PowerPoint Versions

Sound Across Slides in PowerPoint 2016

Sound Across Slides in PowerPoint 2013

Sound Across Slides in PowerPoint 2010

Sound Across Slides in PowerPoint 2007

Sound Across Slides in 2002 and 2003

Apple Mac:

Sound Across Slides in PowerPoint 2011

Sound Across Slides in PowerPoint 2008

Sound Across Slides in PowerPoint 2004

Sound Across Slides in PowerPoint X

Audio: Sound Across Slides in PowerPoint

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