Interface and Basics: Removing Customization’s from PCB Files

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PowerPoint add-ins help in adding new capabilities that can polish your presentation in many ways. But when the time comes to uninstall these add-ins for whatsoever reason, you might be surprised to find their menu customizations, such as buttons that represent add-in features still exist! Click those menu extensions and nothing may happen, but these menu options are still there! In another scenario, you may have customized your PowerPoint menus and toolbars to a large extent. Now, you want to restore everything to a pristine state, almost like how the interface looked when you first installed PowerPoint. In either case, it is possible to lose all these customizations. The key to this solution lies in PCB files.

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Microsoft Windows:

Removing Customization’s from PCB Files in PowerPoint 2016

Removing Customization’s from PCB Files in PowerPoint 2013

Removing Customization’s from PCB Files in PowerPoint 2010

Removing Customization’s from PCB Files in PowerPoint 2007

Removing Customization’s from PCB Files in PowerPoint 2003

Removing Customization's from PCB Files

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