Ingrid Mengdehl

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Ingrid Mengdehl
Ingrid Mengdehl is a Senior Designer at BrightCarbon, a presentation and eLearning agency. Originally from an animation background, she stumbled into PowerPoint almost by accident and hasn’t looked back ever since. She’s passionate about good design, engaging animations, and thinks Morph is pretty amazing. When not making presentations, Ingrid can be found in the dark corners of a theatre, making sets and fixing things with gaffer tape, and even sometimes dabbling in projection mapping.

Here’s a list of links on where she has been featured:

Presentation Summit 2022: Conversation with Ingrid MengdehlPresentation Summit 2022: Conversation with Ingrid Mengdehl
July 18, 2022

Presentation Summit 2020: Conversation with Ingrid MengdehlPresentation Summit 2020: Conversation with Ingrid Mengdehl
June 12, 2020

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