File Types, File Menu, and Backstage View: File Formats in PowerPoint

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Quick, how many file formats (types) can PowerPoint save your slides to? If you take count of every single format from the necessary to the irrelevant (and forget the missing ones), then the number is 28. Some of these could be genuinely helpful, such as the MPEG-4 Video export and others like GIF, JPG, PNG, WMF, and EMF ensure that you get good graphic outputs. And RTF outlines can sometimes be a boon.

To learn more, choose your version of PowerPoint. If we do not have a tutorial for your version of PowerPoint, explore the version closest to the one you use.

Microsoft Windows

File Formats in PowerPoint 2016

File Formats in PowerPoint 2013

File Formats in PowerPoint 2010

Apple Mac

File Formats in PowerPoint 2011

File Formats in PowerPoint

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