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Inserting Screenshots

Sandra Johnson, Presentation Wiz

Scott Schwertly, Ethos3 Presentations

Sections: Getting Started

Selection Pane

Selection Techniques in PowerPoint

Shape Fills: All Fills in PowerPoint

Shape Fills: Gradient

Shape Fills: Gradient Stops

Shape Fills: None (No Fill)

Shape Fills: Pattern

Shape Fills: Picture

Shape Fills: Slide Background

Shape Fills: Solid Color

Shape Fills: Texture

Shape Fills: Transparency

Shape Outline: Dash Styles

Shape Outline: None (No Outline)

Shape Outline: Solid Color

Shape Outline: Transparency

Shape Outline: Weight (Thickness)

Shape Styles

Shapes, Insert in PowerPoint

Shapes, Types of

Shapes: Action Buttons

Shapes: Callouts

Shapes: Change Shape in PowerPoint – Various Versions

Shapes: Combine in Merge Shapes – PowerPoint

Shapes: Drawing Freeform Lines

Shapes: Drawing Lines in PowerPoint – Various Versions

Shapes: Drawing Perfect Circles

Shapes: Flip

Shapes: Fragment in Merge Shapes – PowerPoint

Shapes: Intersect in Merge Shapes – PowerPoint

Shapes: Manipulating with Yellow Square / Diamond Handles

Shapes: Merge or Combine Shapes in PowerPoint

Shapes: Rotate

Shapes: Subtract in Merge Shapes – PowerPoint

Shapes: Union in Merge Shapes – PowerPoint

Share: Create Video

Share: Mark as Final Option in PowerPoint

Share: Remove Mark as Final Option in PowerPoint

Share: Save PowerPoint to PDF

Shyam Pillai

Simon Morton, Eyeful Presentations

Slide Background Fills: Picture

Slide Layouts

Slide Layouts, Changing

Slide Show: Record Slide Show

Slide Show: Rehearse Slide Timings

Slide Shows: Custom Shows

Slides: Duplicate in PowerPoint

Slides: Insert

Slides: Reuse



SmartArt: Adding New Shapes to Existing SmartArt Graphics in PowerPoint

SmartArt: Change between SmartArt Graphic Layouts (Types) in PowerPoint

SmartArt: Change Colors for a SmartArt Graphic in PowerPoint

SmartArt: Changing Fill, Line, and Effects for Shapes within SmartArt in PowerPoint

SmartArt: Convert Bulleted Text to SmartArt

SmartArt: Convert SmartArt Graphic to Text in PowerPoint

SmartArt: Delete Shapes from an Existing SmartArt Graphic in PowerPoint

SmartArt: Insert

SmartArt: Picture Layouts in PowerPoint

SmartArt: Text Pane For SmartArt Graphics in PowerPoint

Steve Rindsberg

Storyboarding and Storytelling

Sunni Brown, Doodle Revolution

Views: Slide Show

Views: Slide Sorter

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